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Ali Senatore, RDN

Build a lifestyle that nourishes you.

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Your Life - Reimagined.

What You Gain By Working With A Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

  • Expert nutrition advice from a credentialed dietitian. In my practice, I use sound evidence-based science as the foundation for my clients to address and reduce the risk of chronic diseases. Say goodbye to fad diets, over-restriction, detox teas, and unnecessary supplements. Say HELLO to working with me toward those results you've been looking for. Nothing is more important to me than your health - so why flush money down the drain with bogus nutrition advice from unqualified influencers?

  • Client-centered support of skill-development. You will have my FULL commitment in helping you to look past roadblocks to the journey ahead -- no lecturing or food shaming! We're going to improve your relationship with food, build up that self-image, and get you feeling your absolute best. You will develop skills that will allow you to get the most out of your food, skills that you can continue to use throughout your life. I believe good nutrition is one of the main pillars to a happy and successful life. 

  • A flexible, customized eating plan developed just for you. I analyze many factors including your typical eating patterns, work schedule, household responsibilities, activity level, and other lifestyle factors to provide the best possible plan designed for your success. You DON'T need to be a professional chef to choose delicious nutrient-dense meals! I'm all about developing an actionable plan that fits YOUR life. 

  • Long-term positive behavior modification. I believe nutrition shouldn't just boil down to "calories"-- it's about developing healthy eating habits that you can sustain. Quick fixes and yo-yo diets NEVER work - it's been proven by science time and time again! We will work together to discover how ALL foods can fit, ways to incorporate more activity, and understand intuitive eating concepts. 

  • The ability to confidently advocate for your health. I teach regular, everyday people how to interpret their nutrition-related blood work, and how to address these numbers with the foods they eat through medical nutrition therapy. I am always happy to communicate with your primary care team so that we can all support your wellness efforts. You will gain knowledge that will help you to take charge of your health.  

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